Effortless Vegan & Vegetarian Dishes

I always recommend that hosts offer at least one vegan and one vegetarian dish at their gatherings – it’s a considerate gesture that guests will likely appreciate. The following dishes are simple, refreshing – and just happen to be meatless. 

The Indian-inspired flavors give this slaw recipe a unique twist.

This simple tomato salad is versatile enough to serve again and again.

This comforting roasted potatoes side is one of my all-time favorite vegan dishes.

To make these black bean and corn tacos vegan, replace the optional feta cheese with pickled jalapeños.

There’s a reason guacamole is an obvious vegan choice – it is wildly delicious.

To make this refreshing strawberry granita, combine strawberries, sugar syrup and lemon juice in a food processor, pour into a pan and freeze!

A moist, rich vegan chocolate cake – just replace the frosting with a dusting of vegan powdered sugar!

A favorite childhood treat made vegan – a box of these peanut butter cups would make a great gift!