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Diana loves donuts – how can she not! Fortunately for her, and the rest of us, she has found a way to make the best fried treats with no added sugar!

She relies on that natural sweetness of fruit instead! Not only that, but she bakes them.

These donuts make great treats for your colleagues or neighbors. Delivery available with 48 hour notice!

If this boy is a real gem: he opens doors, he looks you in the eyes with wonder and affection, and he texts you back in a non-dramatic amount of time, he may be on track to be worthy of baked creations. I like to suggest Chocolate Bourbon Banana Bread. It’s easy to throw together, and the smell of baked banana and cinnamon will sincerely have the boy pondering where he can buy you a promise ring. I know it sounds too easy. Banana bread? Really though, boys are simple creatures.